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Prenatal (Physio)Yoga


Prenatal (Physio)Yoga - 6 Classes Are you yearning to feel more balanced in your body, more connected to yourself and your baby, and to experience the deep joy of this special time? ​ This series is for you!  Here are six 20 minute prenatal (physio)yoga classes, all of which are safe for all trimesters and loaded with information from a pregnant pelvic health physiotherapist! If you are hesitant about yoga or movement in general these classes are for you. They will help you move in a safe way and also help you learn a lot about your body at a time when it can seem foreign to you as it is changing so rapidly. You can do these classes in any order you wish, you can pick one that feels good for you mood on a certain day or you can work through them in order, returning to your favourite ones any time you please. **physio is in brackets because the information is sprinkled through the classes, my PhysioYoga classes have separate learning sessions and then a movement section.

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