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We will issue a receipt for your physiotherapy session(s) which you may submit to your extended health benefits if applicable. There is no GST on physiotherapy services.


Payment options are e-transfer or credit card.

All appointments are one-on-one with the physiotherapist.   


Extended Assessment

or Treatment

60 minutes

Standard Initial Assessment

or Follow up

45 minutes

Pelvic Health

Heather is a certified pelvic health therapist meaning she can help you with concerns in this area that relate to muscle, bone, and nerve: urinary incontinence, pain with sex, pelvic floor and core strength, changes with menopause, prolapse, pregnancy and postpartum changes.... the list goes on! This CAN include an internal exam but does not have to.

Young Couple Expecting
Prenatal and Postpartum Therapy

Heather has worked with many women who want to be as healthy as possible during pregnancy as well as women who want to get back in touch with their bodies and get stronger post pregnancy. This is incredibly important as the body goes through so many changes and generally guidance is needed to regain optimal function.


View Prenatal and Postpartum programs HERE  

Manual Therapy

Specific hands-on treatment for bone, muscle, joint, and nerve. Heather is an FCAMPT meaning she has achieved the highest level of manual therapy training available in Canada. 

Acupuncture close up

Holistic treatment that affects the body's connective tissue, intercellular communication, and inflammatory response. Heather is certified to practice acupuncture through Acupuncture Canada - meaning she has passed both a written and practical exam to ensure competency and safe practice. 

Llifting Weights
Exercise Prescription / Active Therapy

A home exercise program that you will complete at least once with Heather during your appointment. Some appointments will consist mainly of active rehabilitation exercises.

Yoga by the Pool
Introduction to Yoga / Yoga Therapy

Heather is a certified yoga instructor and long-time practitioner. If you are hesitant about attending group yoga classes for any reason she can help you master the basics and build your confidence. Similarly she can help you use yoga and other movement techniques to help your recover from an injury.

Going To Surf
Pre and Post-Operative Therapy

Research shows that pre-hab can increase the success rates of surgical procedures. Heather loves helping people get stronger in their bodies prior to surgery and of course to find their strength and function again after surgery. 

Man Gardening
Healthy Ageing and Bone Health

Exercise is key to healthy ageing and keeping your bones strong. Heather can help you with balance training, weight bearing exercise, and education on general lifestyle changes that will keep you moving!

Drinking Coffee
Chronic Pain Management

This will be a multi-faceted approach including discussion of lifestyle changes, coaching, establishing goals, active therapy, and close communication with your other health care professionals (family physician, pain clinic, etc).

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